irix edge protector set

The Irix Edge Square Filter Protector Set protects against accidental impacts, thus protecting the filter from damage. The special material used efficiently absorbs the impact force, reducing the risk of damage to the filter.

irix edge reverse GND8

Irix Edge Reverse Gradual ND filters [100x150] - a special purpose filter which is clear at the bottom (or top, depending on orientation), but half way up, transitions very quickly to the darkest part of the filter and then slowly gets lighter again as it continues away from the middle.

irix edge hard GND8

Irix Edge Soft Graduated ND filters [100x150] has a dark and a light area, but the transition between the two is a much more pronounced. The Hard Graduated Filter is useful when there is a defined line between bright and dark part of the image lake a line of the horizon (ex.: sea, dried lake or savanna) or corners of buildings.

irix edge soft GND32

Irix Edge Soft Graduated ND filter [100x150] provide a reduction of light hitting the sensor of the camera which is irreplaceable every time when photographing the urban or mountain landscape with an invisible horizon line because of the transition between the clear area of the filter and the darkest part is consistent and smooth over the full length of the glass.

irix edge ND

Irix Edge Neutral Density (ND) filter reduces the amount of light entering the camera for a certain value which is especially important in creative photography but also in videography when you want to achieve a specific shutter speed value.

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