irix edge ND

Irix Edge Neutral Density (ND) filter reduces the amount of light entering the camera for a certain value which is especially important in creative photography but also in videography when you want to achieve a specific shutter speed value.

All of our Irix Edge filters are made with a close-to-zero philosophy which means that we have no manufacturing tolerances- only perfect products leave the factory.

Irix Edge square filters are easy and quick to use- simply slide inside the holder. Always be sure that the filter is properly installed to the holder to prevent dropping it.

Every filter comes in their own case offering sufficient protection from scratches, dust, water or accidental damage.



  • available in a variety of densities: ND8, ND1000.
  • multi-layer neutral density
  • coating anti-reflex
  • coating highest-quality optic glass for high-resolution cameras
  • 100mm filter system


Compatible with:

  • Irix Edge IFH-100 Holder
  • Other 100mm systems


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